Dell Storage Compellent SC plugin for check_mk

I wrote a check_mk check for Dell « Compellent » Storage Arrays.

It was developped for the SC4020 model, and works also for SCv2000/SCv2020 (thanks Emmanuel) and SC7020. It should work with other models (SC5020, SC8000, SC9000).

The following items can be monitored:

  • Global status, as reported by the system
  • Controllers status
  • I/O modules status
  • Disk status
  • Hardware sensors status
  • Temperatures (with performance data)
  • Power supplies status
  • Volume status
  • Servers status


Download from Check-MK Exchange

Have fun !

Update 27/06/2017 : Since SCOS 7.x, temperature values are not correctly reported through SNMP. This caused a crash of the temperature checks.This is a known bug which will be addressed with SCOS 7.2.10. Meanwhile, I’ll release version 1.1, containing workarounds to avoid crashes.

7 réflexions sur « Dell Storage Compellent SC plugin for check_mk »

  1. mario

    how to setup the compellent for this to work? snmp?

    can you provide instruction on how to setup

    wg which ip to configure, the floating ip or the controllers IP?


    1. cyril Auteur de l’article

      Yes, you need to enable SNMP on the Compellent.
      You can either use the controllers IP, or the virtual IP.


  2. bambi


    Serait il possible d’avoir le code source pour superviser une Dell Storage Compellent SC 4020?
    Impossible d’exploiter le fichier dell_compellent-1.0.mkp


  3. Halil Pixel


    First of all i like the script and thanx for sharing. Is there a way to show in check the used volume space of the Dell Compellent?

    1. cyril Auteur de l’article

      This is a SNMP only check, and since used space isn’t exposed via SNMP, it won’t check it.

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