Archives mensuelles : novembre 2015

check-mk « check_pid »

This local check for check_mk is useful with services who won’t start if an old or incorrect pid file remains. I needed to write it because this is the very case of the postfix version embedded with zimbra.

The code is self-explanatory :


# Cyril Pawelko
# Version 1
# Checks if the PID referenced in a PIDFILE exists
# This is a "local" check_mk check for *NIX:
# - Rename it if you need several checks on the same host
# - Copy to check-mk local checks directory (/usr/lib/check_mk_agent/local on Debian)
# - Customize with the PID file path:

if [ ! -r $PIDFILE ]
 then echo 3 Pid_$PIDFILE - File $PIDFILE cannot be read

PID=$(cat $PIDFILE  )
if ps $PID > /dev/null
 then echo 0 Pid_$PIDFILE - Process $PID referenced in $PIDFILE is running
 else echo 2 Pid_$PIDFILE - Process $PID referenced in $PIDFILE does not exist


Have fun !