hddtemp template for cacti

I’ve made a template to query hddtemp deamon and graph disks temperature.
Tested with cacti 0.8.6h on fc5, debian and gentoo. It uses only php core functions, no extra librairies are needed.



  • Install and configure hddtemp daemon
  • Test it with « telnet <host> 7634 » from your cacti box
  • Output should be similar to :

"|/dev/hda|IBM-DJNA-371350|47|C||/dev/hdc|Maxtor 6Y080L0|44|C|"

  • Copy hddtemp.xml to resources/script_queries directory
  • Copy hddtemp.php to scripts directory
  • Import template file cacti_template_linux_hddtemp_disk_temperature.xml
  • Add « Linux – hddtemp – disk temperature » data query to your host
  • Create new graph for this host and select disks


If you want to group several disks on the same graph :

  • Import cacti_graph_template_linux_hddtemp_disk_temperature_2x.xml or cacti_graph_template_linux_hddtemp_disk_temperature_9.xml templates
  • Create a graph for each disk as described above
  • Create a graph for your host using 2x or 9x template, let fields empty
  • Edit the graph and select data sources previously created
  • You can delete single-disk graphs but not data sources

NOTE : You need exactly 2 or 9 disks, or you’ll have to modify the template.

DOWNLOAD : cacti-linux-hddtemp-1.0.tar.gz