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Booting Seatools ISO via pxe

I need to run Seagate diagnostics utility (Seatools), but my computer has no cd reader, no floppy drive, and my disk is so defective that grub won’t boot.

But it has a NIC that supports PXE.

Thanks to and I’m able to run these tools via network.

Enter the BIOS, enable network boot.

Boot, write down the mac address.

On another computer (currently a debian squeeze), install a dhcp, pxe, a tftp server and gpxelinux (see the second link above, in french).

Download « Seatools for DOS », it’s an iso image. Rename it to seatools.iso and save it in /srv/tftp

Edit /srv/tftp/pxelinux.cfg/default and create an entry like:

label 1
 MENU LABEL Seatools
 kernel memdisk
 append iso
 initrd /seatools.iso

And voilà ! You can now boot this iso image via pxe.